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Fine Mist Sprayer

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Ribbed Side PP Plastic Fine Mist Sprayer with Clear Hood - 0.16cc Output

Our Black Rib Side PP Fine Mist Sprayers an excellent general purpose spray for dispensing products for a gentle application. The dispensing system features a 10" dip-tube and dispenses 0.16cc per actuation in a light mist, ideal for personal care and beauty products.

The dispensing closure features a transparent PP dust cover/hood for improved product protection and unintentional actuation when no in use. The rib sides of the closure make it easy to remove and apply to containers.

The following products and markets utilize this type of dispensing system, requiring atomized product application:

  • Air Fresheners
  • Parfumes and Deodorizers
  • Body Mist
  • Eye Glass Cleaners
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Hair Care

These black fine mist sprayers come in 2 sizes. 20/410 or 24/410 neck size.