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Tacks Oil Warmer

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Essentially You Oils Plug-In Oil Burners are small, elegant, durable, and a refreshing staple for any home. The best part, perhaps, is the fact that they don’t take any table space and still serve as a night light. The design, in combination with the soothing light, makes this plug-in oil burner a must-have for nearly every home. It is durable and affordable, which will make it too tempting to pass up.

Our plug-in oil burners get plugged into the wall and have a rotary button to turn on. It really is that simple! Homeowners can enjoy the scent of their fragrance or essential oils for weeks on end with little to no attention needed. Our plug-in oil burner is safe and we guarantee our customers will love it.

Why It Works:

The Tacks Plug-in Oil burner is beautiful and unique in design, as well efficient in functionality. It is something that our customers can use against their walls, while nor being restricted to the liquids inside. Whether they want to use fragrance oils or essential oils, they will not be restricted. They can also change up the scent whenever wanted, without having to buy a brand new plug-in device.