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Blends For Relaxation and Insomnia

Blends For Relaxation & Sleep

Essential Oils for Sleep

It’s no secret that essential oils are a natural method for just about anything you can think of, and sleep is no different. Prescription medications can cause numerous side effects and make you feel jet-lagged upon waking, among other negative side effects. Essential oils, on the other hand, don’t cause these adverse reactions.

A study published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice was conducted with cancer patients, a common group that has serious issues with sleeping well, to better understand whether aromatherapy using essential oils could help provide some much-needed healing shut-eye. Aromasticks were given to patients over a 13-week period. Of the participants, 94 percent reported using the aromasticks with 92 percent reporting that they would continue use. Bergamot  and lavender , in addition to sandalwood, frankincense and mandarin, were combined to create the useful sleep-inducing blend. (7)

The next step to truly help you improve your sleep is using essential oils, especially lavender essential oil and chamomile essential oil.

Chamomile, whether in tea, tincture or essential oil form, is one of the best medicinal herbs for fighting stress and promoting relaxation. (19) Inhaling chamomile vapors is often recommended as a natural remedy for anxiety and general depression, which is one reason why chamomile oil is a popular ingredient in many candles, aromatherapy products and bath-soaking treatments.

Lavender oil is another sleep-promoting natural insomnia remedy. (20) You can diffuse lavender by your bed at night or just take a few drops and rub it on your neck. The benefits of lavender oil include having certain aromatic compounds that help relax your body. Also, you can take a warm bath with lavender oil and Epsom salts, which may work due to the presence of magnesium.

Blends to Aid With Sleep & Relaxation

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